Grade 5 Titanium Floating jib block:



80mm OD x 46mm ID 40mm wide with a 20mm wide grove - SWL 24,600kg


60mm OD x 35mm ID 25mm wide with a 12mm wide grove - SWL 11,000kg


50mm OD x 34mm ID 22mm wide with a 12mm wide grove - SWL 5,850kg


38mm OD x 25mm ID 18mm wide with a 10mm wide grove - SWL 4,500kg





Stanchions standard length 625mm

but can be made to what ever length required including 2 or 3 life line holes:


We make stanchions from aluminium, 316 stainless steel, titanium, and our new grade 9 titanium which is almost double the strength of our standard titanium stanchion





T12 Titanium Martin Breaker





Pipe cots /  Bunks:


Price on Request

3 or 4 sided carbon / aluminium or aluminium bunks incl. hinges, cover, purchase system and Spinlock Jammer


 New carbon sided ali corned bunk


 Our new carbon sided bunk with aluminium corners, with light weight black net cover


 standard carbon ali bunk


Our standard 4 sided carbon and aluminium bunk, with light weight black net cover 











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